What You'll Learn

  • Advanced Academic Writing

    Learn how to write essays that will get you into top universities, win you multiple scholarships, and keep you ahead of your classmates. To write is to think, we'll teach you how to think critically and communicate effectively in writing.

  • Critical Reading

    Sure, you know how to read. But can you critically analyze complex text and fully understand course material with ease? Critical reading skills are essential to managing university academic standards.

  • College Study Tips

    Getting into college is a challenge, but graduating on time is an uphill battle. You will learn all you need to know about planning your academics, schedules, and how to study for exams (these tips are from honors students).


  • How much does this online course cost?

    This course is designed to be affordable and easily accessible to Ugandan students. For that reason, you can access this course at a subsidized price of only $50. (F.I.C.A students and alumni pay only $35).

  • What if I need guidance, who will help me?

    If you paid for a UPrep scholar subscription, then you will have access to academic advisors who will support you. Even the course instructor is available for inquiries if needed.

  • How long will this online course take?

    This is a self-paced study program (as with all A.C.E. programs). You and your academic advisor will work together to ensure that you fully understand course material before progressing to the next modules.